2017 was successful for Secal as we continued to expand our capability, support charity, train apprentices and receive positive customer feedback. So, what will 2018 bring?

1. The transition from ISO 9001: 2008 to ISO 9001:2015
This year we plan to complete our transition from ISO 9001:2008 to 9001:2015. ISO 9001 is a standard that sets requirements for a quality management system, leading organisations to be more efficient and to improve customer satisfaction. The most noticeable change to the new standard will be the structure and the more prominent risk-based thinking method. It will benefit Secal by adding greater emphasis on leadership, help address risks/opportunities as well as supply chain management.

I spoke to Stefan Parkes, Quality Manager at Secal. He said in order for us to achieve ISO 9001:2015 we are making a transition in line with the new standards, Stefan is re-writing the quality manual in collaboration with our Directors, as well as updating our quality policy and objectives such as employee skill development and improvement of productivity. Stefan is also updating and creating procedures such as shop floor data capture and OEE to support this. The procedure enables Secal to better measure our performance; they are the ‘blue print’ for how we operate, from enquiry in to delivery out, and after sales service.

Secal are going to adopt elements of Total Quality Management supported by PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT and risk-based thinking, this will cover all bases when making decisions that affect the business, either with prevention in mind (risk-based thinking) or structured formats in which to correct, prevent, or improve utilising PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT methodology.

2. Introducing Radan Radbend and Radan 3D to our Engineering Department
Secal are currently implementing offline programming for our press brakes. Radbend from Radan is a complete offline programming solution which Secal are choosing to integrate with Radan 3D to provide a full 3D simulation of the bending process. Radbend features include – automatic bend sequencing, automated tool selection, tool setup optimisation, automatic finger stop positioning, customisable reports, support for lifting aids and angle measurement systems. Radan 3D features include: user defined bend allowances, flexible design changes including material thickness, automatic associative drawing elevations, associative 2D dimensioning on drawing elevations and flat blanks, and an integrated component of Radan.

Secal are very excited for the new software and look forward to the opportunities it will bring.

3. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
In February our quality department are implementing a new, custom built, program to allow our Supervisors to input Overall Equipment Effectiveness data on a daily basis. We implemented O.E.E. measures as part of our Lean Manufacturing program at the beginning of 2017 and we have seen significant productivity benefits. We are looking forward to capturing this information from every manufacturing area each day with live reporting to highlight our successes and areas for improvement. We use this information to make resourcing decisions and determine our next improvement project.

4. Our New Company Strategy Statement

“Striving for world class manufacturing facilities and best practice coupled with a customer first approach; demonstrated by delivering product, service and value that exceeds both need and expectation.

Positive output leading to increased revenues and profits enabling sustainable investment and ensuring long term growth.

Particular focus to improve productivity through adoption of LEAN methodology; utilizing improvement tools and techniques.

We recognise that people are the driving force of our business and we aim to continually improve working conditions throughout the facility as well as utilizing knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and ideas to ensure a happy and productive work force recognised in their role.

All supported using a Total Quality Management approach encompassing systems, processes, procedures and objectives aiding improvement and achievement of goals.”

Mr R Lavender, Managing Director.

Thank you for reading.