Engineering firm cuts a dash with fresh, modern branding

After two years of substantial investment Secal – one of the leading engineering firms in the West Midlands – has launched a new corporate identity and website.

To reflect increasing diversification, the company has dropped ‘Laser’ from its name to become simply Secal Ltd. Managing Director Roger Lavender says: “Laser cutting is still the heart of our business but we also offer so much more. Having recently invested in a new powder coating line and a second punching machine, as well as a Brightline fiber laser, we wanted to differentiate our company from those who purely offer laser cut blanks.

“However with our change of name and identity I wanted the message to be that we’re starting a new chapter, not a new book.”

The company’s relaunched website takes a bold and imaginative approach – giving voice to customers and employees on the shop floor. 

Roger says: “We take the view that we’re significantly different to the majority of companies in our sector. We wanted a website that reflected that. In particular, we truly care about and invest in our people. To show that in action, we asked our employees to provide most of the content.

“We arranged for a journalist to interview some of our team and, of course, you never know what people are going to say. We didn’t try to control it. We wanted the truth, and the comments that came back truly made me proud.

“I knew our employees care about our company and what they do for customers but this exercise has reinforced that we are doing things right.

“Looking after our people gives us real benefits: we have an almost impossibly low level of staff turnover and this means there’s a huge depth of experience right across the firm. We’re also getting the payback from our investment in training.”

“The combination of rigorous systems and processes, skilled and qualified staff, exceptional levels of experience and the commitment of our people – these are the factors that help us to keep our promise of the highest quality components delivered on time, every time.”