Last year Secal Ltd purchased a Class One Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) to help meet the delivery needs of our customers and improve our environmental impact on the road.

Secal has found that the HGV enables us to group product loads for up to three customers to long distance areas whereas before two or three trucks were dedicated to this journey due to a smaller truck beds. More time is saved due to the possible grouping of customers and having the opportunity to take much more finished products to site on one run.

Secal are constantly working to improve our impact on the environment and are constantly trying to improve our carbon footprint where possible. The ability to send one vehicle to long distance areas of the country has significantly reduced our use of vehicles, resulting in a better environmentally friendly delivery.

Below shows the average Heavy Goods Vehicle fuel consumption for the UK.

Statistics from [Accessed 02/10/2017]

The HGV has given Secal greater safety in product delivery, parts can often be stacked but the HGV gives the opportunity where applicable to load more fragile parts flat due to the bed size of the HGV.

Secal partners with Secal Logistics Ltd for our nationwide deliveries. This means that in addition to our HGV, we also have access to a range of vehicles from 7.5tonne. Meaning whatever sheet metalwork you need, we can deliver.

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