This month we are saying goodbye to Hannah Morris, Administrator at Secal Ltd, as she goes on maternity leave. She is due early November and her baby is already weighing 5 pounds 2 ounces! According to the midwife the baby will be over 8 pounds when he or she is born. Hannah has decided to keep the gender a secret until she meets her baby but has chosen her possible names. If Hannah has a boy he will be called ‘Charlie’ and if a girl ‘Lilly’. Hannah and her partner Joe are very excited to meet their little boy or girl. Hannah has promised to bring the baby into Secal when he/she has arrived and we cannot wait!

Hannah bump

To give a proper farewell the staff at Secal gathered a collection for Hannah and it is safe to say she loved it! We wish Hannah the best of luck and she will be greatly missed whist on maternity leave.