28Jul 2016

Spot on!

July 28, 2016

Secal currently has four spot and projection welding machines. But as demand for this operation is growing and customer requirements become more demanding, Secal have investigated how to leverage latest technology to get the best results. Secal has a large customer in the retail sector where we deliver shelving direct to site. An extremely important […]

01Jul 2016

Last week Simon Danks, of Mobius Improvement Ltd, and a team of Secal employees including Jon Collins, Operations Director, have been working on improving the efficiency of a job changeover on Secal’s largest Trumpf laser. The laser runs 24/7 so being able to improve production efficiency will help Secal to produce more orders and in […]

14Jun 2016

Subcon 2016

June 14, 2016

This month we exhibited at Subcon 2016, the UK’s largest show dedicated to subcontract manufacturing. We were pleased to be visited by a number of our customers and many prospective customers. We were also proud to see our advert in prime position on the back of the floor plan in the show guide and we […]

03May 2016

One of our customers approached us with a problem they were having resulting in inconsistent quality in a metal shelf sourced from elsewhere. The problem related to a non-standard form produced using tooling the company had manufactured in-house leading to the quality problem. We were sent the drawing and asked for a solution. Secal performed […]

19Apr 2016

Our staff learnt the benefit of the 5 lean principles!  Understanding value Understanding value stream Understanding value flow Pulling at the rate of the customer Pursue perfection Staff learnt the objectives by forming a timed production line. They reviewed their performance and discussed possible improvements. The team eliminated non value adding waste, improved the flow of parts […]