At Secal we aim to invest in the latest cutting-edge sheet metal equipment, effective processes such as lean manufacturing and a continuous production improvement programmes. A key component of Secal’s business is the vast number of manufacturing hours we have in our folding department coupled with a highly skilled workforce. We have over 2260 hours of monthly press brake folding capacity; after breaks and planned maintenance are removed. Our production team have procedures in place to ensure the best service for customers by planning our production hours carefully and managing in great detail. Within the press brake department, production planning is a smooth ride due to 7 Trumpf press brakes producing high quality parts, backed by Radan software: Radbend and Radan 3D.


Press brakes can precisely and cost-effectively produce simple or complex parts in any format by bending sheet metal into accurate, folded components. Experienced operators are vital, because of the wide variety of material grades and gauges we use, with all materials having different bending properties.
Our 7 Trumpf machines range-
• up to 4m
• up to 7-axis
• up to 170 tonnes
• and have programmable back stops.


The video below shows our press brake department in action within our 36,000 sq. ft. premises in Telford, Shropshire.

Please visit to watch.