Laser cutting

Stan wants you to know..

"Our range of lasers gives us the tools to tackle any kind of industrial cutting project. As well as traditional CO2 lasers, our new Brightline Fiber Laser reduces power usage, so it's environmentally friendly, and can cut materials such as copper and brass. It is also exceptionally fast."


  • Up to 4000mm and 2000mm sheet
  • Up to 25mm thick
  • Brightline Fiber Technology
  • Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, and other sheet materials
  • Rotalas means we can laser cut a range of tubes and profiles


  • 1 Trumpf L5030 5.0kw Brightline Fiber laser
  • 1 Trumpf L3040 5.0kw with Compact Liftmaster and Rotalas
  • 1 Trumpf L3040 5.0kw with Palletmaster lifting device