Due to high customer demand within Secal’s welding department, we are redesigning our weld shop to create greater capacity to meet our customer’s needs. I spoke with Lee Sillitoe, Weld Supervisor at Secal Ltd, to discuss what transformations are taking place.

Lee, why are we changing the layout of the weld shop?

Lee: The new layout is taking place due to the increase of welders required to meet our sales targets, also with a new customer on board, who has a large welding requirement, a change is paramount.

It is great that the demand is there; what exactly are we changing?

Lee: We have created two additional welding bays to suit larger fabrications and a further three new linishing stations are in working progress. We are also looking at installing a crane to help cope with heavier fabrications.

How will the additional bays improve productivity?

Lee: The new layout will give us a better flow throughout the weld shop and will make it easier to schedule the larger fabrications.

Is this in-line with LEAN Manufacturing?

Lee: Lean manufacturing is our goal as it has worked so well in other areas of the business. This project is a perfect opportunity to bring it on board within the weld shop.

Thank you Lee, before we end the interview is there anything you would like to add?

Lee: I happy very happy with how the project is going as I like any project that brings structure and stability to the workplace. I look forward to seeing many more improvements.

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