I observed Laser Operator, Dave Clarke, on Secal’s state of the art Trumpf L5030 5.0kw Brightline Fiber Laser. Secal Ltd bought their first Fiber Laser in 2015 and have experienced a great difference in their manufacturing processes and planning since. The Trumpf L5030 5.0kw BrightLine Fiber laser can cut blanks around 30% faster than a traditional CO2 laser, pushing further capacity through the shop floor with quality and speed.

After seeing the laser in action, I can see that our range of lasers gives Secal the tools to tackle any kind of laser cutting project. As well as traditional CO2 lasers, our BrightLine Fiber Laser reduces power usage, so it’s environmentally friendly, and can cut materials such as copper and brass. It is also exceptionally fast. The TruLaser 5030 features Trump’s TruDisk solid state laser technology, which can increase feed rates by up to three times when cutting thin materials. The BrightLine Fiber option significantly improves cutting performance in thicker materials, producing excellent edges, fine contours and smaller holes in steel and aluminium sheet of up to 25mm thickness, BrightLine Fiber turns the solid state into a universal tool to deliver Secal with quality results every time. The Trumpf TruLaser 5030 offers the most cost-efficient thin-sheet processing, whilst maintaining the flexibility and quality standards that Secal’s customers value.

Dave’s shift will include 7.5 hours worth of cutting and will often span 7 or more different gauges of material using around 40 programmes. Dave informed me that the Fiber Laser is ideally suited to coated and stainless materials 6mm and under, as well as a range of light gauge material from CR to exotic materials like brass and copper. This making use of the rapid and effective speed of the laser, all advantages from the solid state technology excel in high speeds especially during thin sheet processing.

Secal has four Trumpf lasers and can process up to 4000 x 2000mm sheet. As well as feeding downstream processes, Secal offers a laser blanking service for many customers incorporating very stringent standards on surface and edge quality as well as tight tolerance stacking of blanks. To find out more contact Secal via Email: Sales@secalltd.co.uk or Call: 01952 588231


Written by : Annabel Smith